Activity for the Month: Measuring Emotional Intelligence.

The influence of human capital on social economic policy has been profound, placing education at the forefront of economic theory. Instilling the skills of 21st Century i.e Social Emotional Learning amongst Gen Z is vital. And before we fall into the clutches of “ One Size Fits All”. Let’s measure an individual’s emotional intelligence through small test based on mixed methods of research. Thus providing a data driven solution to the educators for handling the GEN Z and themselves too.

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Financial Education for Self Help Group: Journey towards Smart Money Manager

The course intends to bridge the financial knowledge gap by exposing Self Help groups to various financial concepts and their application in the business life cycle. Building a new home wherein each woman is a smart money manager who shall evaluate the various alternatives before making a decision remains the primary objective. The course bargains to empower them with an informed decision-making capacity to sustain the various hiccups of the financial excursion.

Creating Enabiling Environment for impaired learner through Universal Design For Learning

Creating an enabling environment that allows learners across all age to access educational resources serves as a litmus test for inclusive education. Course Developers /Educators are well-equipped with technology all they need is streamlining and acquaintance with concepts and practical means of building an educational resource that is open and accessible in the true sense. The course thus intends to bridge gap by integrating components of Universal.

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