Creating Enabiling Environment for imapaired learner through Universal Design For Learning​

Course Overview​

Creating an enabling environment that allows learners across all age groups to access educational resources serves as a litmus test for inclusive education. Course Developers/ Educators are well-equipped with technology all they need is streamlining and acquaintance with concepts and practical means of building an educational resource that is open and accessible in the true sense. The course thus intends to bridge this gap by integrating the components of Universal Design for learning for creating education resources.

Course Objective​
  • Objective 1: Introduce the learners to the concept of Inclusive Education and the Social Model of Disability
  • Objective 2:Introduce the learners to the origin, principles and implementation of Universal Design for Learning
  • Objective 3:Demonstrate the potential of UDL to make teaching resources accessible to all and responsive to students’ diverse needs.

Course Module​
Course Module Learning Outcome
Classroom Diversity 1.1 To enable learners, to describe the various dimensions of diversity.
1.2 To enable learners, to interpret what comprises inclusion in light of social models of disability.
Introduction to Universal Design for Learning 2.1 To enable learners to summarize and illustrate the principles of Universal Design for Learning.
2.2 To enable learners to investigate the resources in the context of Universal Design for Learning
Creating Accessible Resources To create teaching resources accessible to all based on principles of Universal Design for Learning.

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