Financial Education for SHG – Journey towards Smart Money Manager​

Course Overview​

The course intends to bridge the financial knowledge gap by exposing Self Help groups to various financial concepts and their application in the business life cycle. Building a new home wherein each woman is a smart money manager who shall evaluate the various alternatives before making a decision remains the primary objective. The course bargains to empower them with an informed decision-making capacity to sustain the various hiccups of the financial excursion.

Learning Objectives and Learning Outcomes​
  • Objective 1: Acquire knowledge about functionalities of Self Help Group
  • Outcomes: Learners will be able to
    1. understand the historical background and perspective behind the formation of SHG;
    2. acquire the knowledge regarding procedural formalities required for the formation of SHG;
  • Objective 2: Develops skills and accounting tools for carrying on a business.
  • Outcomes: Learners will be able to
    1. show familiarity with various book-keeping concepts and lay the foundations for successful business
    2. plan and deliver good business practices thereby ensuring sustainability.
  • Objective 3: Take a step closer to achieving financial literacy
  • Outcomes: Learners will be able to
    1. distinguish and understand various financial concepts as laid down by OECD while striving for financial literacy
    2. calculate using financial tools.
  • Objective 4: Share knowledge with other professionals and Trainers in this arena.
  • Outcomes: Learners will be able to
    1. Conduct financial literacy programs and reach out to a wider audience.
    2. plan for further professional development.

Course Pedagogy​
  1. Based on ADDIE Model
  2. Youth Learning Models
  3. Real Life Experiences
  4. Multilingual Videos and Material

Course Syllabus​
Module 1: Registration of Self hepl Groups​
  1. Self Help Group ( Bachat Ghat) - An Introduction
    • Brief Overview
    • Roots of the Self-Help Groups (Bachat Gat)
  2. Self Help Group ( Bachat Ghat) - Facts & Myths
    • Meaning
    • Motive/ Purpose / Objectives of forming SHG.
    • Membership
    • Registration
    • Prospective Activities/ Scope of SHG (Bachat Gat)
    • Success Stories
  3. Self Help Group ( Bachat Ghat) - Procedural Aspects
    • Glossary
    • Procedure for formation of Self-help Groups (Bachat Gat)
    • Annexures and Format
Module 2: Book Keeping and Cost Concepts​
  1. Classification of Income and Expenses
  2. Introduction of Cost to the Entrepreneur
  3. Determining a Sale Price
  4. Business life cycle
  5. Bookkeeping formats.
Module 3: Basic Financial Concepts ( Financial Knowledge)​
  1. Savings and Investments: Concept Note
  2. Interest Terminologies: Types and Calculations
  3. Inflation and Opportunity Cost

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